Friday, 8 August 2008

Me and My Slam Man - Video

Slam Man! A great way to release negative energy, like laziness and the desire to sleep. A £100 well spent in my opinion.

ps. You have to love the recording. That's my younger cousin Hamid. May Allah bless him.


Welshwarrior said...

Solid combinations bruv, looking sharp mashallah!!

Nice buy i reckon, camera man is a joker.

I got knee op in 3wks make dua please, I would love to get back to training with you sometime in the future.


adil said...

Of course, Slam Man does not hit back. The real test of sharpness is how cool one can keep his head in the firing line.

Yes, cameraman is a joker maa sha Allah. A small cute joker that packs a stiff elbow.

I pray that the op goes well and allows you to return to fighting. Training with you would be a pleasure. I am a lazy bum and need the push.