Saturday, 30 August 2008

JIMAS - Random Categorisations and Quotes

Some random categorisations and quotes taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:
  1. The best advice for anyone and everyone: Fear Allah.
  2. The 4 pillars of Kufr (disbelief): Pride, Envy, Anger, Arrogance.
  3. The 3 evil figures in Islam: Iblees, Fir'awn, Ad-Dajjaal.
  4. The 4 CEO (Chaos Of Everything) forces: (i) the devilish pull/whisperings of Shaytaan (satan); (ii) the Nafs (lower soul); (iii) the Dunya (world) - its worldliness and material pull; (iv) Hawaa' (whims/desires/passions). Our Jihad (striving) is against these 4 things.
  5. Only a hypocrite feels himself safe from hypocrisy.
  6. "Shari'ah! Shari'ah! Chopping of hands!" we hear. Man, relax! That's just for thieves.
  7. This Deen was shouldered by the young ones and sharpened by the wisdom of the elders.


Luqman said...

Mashallah, I like no. 6

adil said...

Yeah, it is funny... ignoring the concern that tyrants could abuse the system and innocent hands could be chopped off!